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Chase The Vision Events | Wedding and Event Specialists

chase the vision

Wedding & Event specialists

So Much to Think About. So Little Time. That’s Where we come In.

Chase The Vision Events provides High-End, Top Quality event planning services that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We provide the absolute best options for you and yours. We aim to provide above and beyond services to ensure that your special occasion goes without a hitch and you have an amazing stress-free day.

All our recommendations and referrals must meet our ‘Diamond Standard of service’. We do not settle for second best and do not compromise on your vision. We will search high and low to ensure that your event is perfect.

Our goal is to ensure that not only your vision comes to life, but all your guests leave having the best time of their lives.

To make certain that we are organized and can handle any sized event, when choosing Chase The Vision you get two specialists to ensure your event runs perfectly. 

Any occasion or event that you seek would be our pleasure to assist you in making it come to life.


This is a very legitimate question, when planning a large wedding there are many things to consider. Here are a few reasons why our past clients choose Chase The Vision.

1. Making your Vision a reality: One of the most important things is to make sure your vision can become a reality. We work with the best vendors to ensure we have the best team working together.

2. Save On Time: On average it takes 250hrs to plan a wedding. With work and commuting there isn’t enough time in the day to meet with vendors and see locations. We do the leg work for you so you can focus on your next deadline.

3. Stress Free: Planning a wedding and staying on top of your regular tasks can be stressful. We are here to stay organized and make sure everything is in order all the way up to the day of your wedding.

4. Budgeting: Behind all the flowers and fun there is always a financial strategy. Professionals know what percentage of your total budget to allocate to each aspect of your wedding and what will create more impact for your attending guests.

I Work With You To Bring Your Big Day Vision to Life, Stress Free.

Included in all our packages are the Day Of Coordination service. This is our way of putting the cherry on top of the sundae. On your wedding day you do not need people coming up to you and asking 1000 questions. This is why you hired Chase The Vision, the one who will take care of any last minute hiccups and the go-to person when vendors and guests have questions.

Planning & Budgeting

We know what percentage of your total budget to allocate to each aspect of your wedding and what will create more impact for your attending guests.

Venue & Decor

We work with trusted vendors to ensure your Vision is exactly how you pictures it. 

Event & Guest Coordination

We will help you organise everything from seating charts, transportation of family, coordination of hotels and of course, making sure your guests have the best time of their lives!

Happy Clients

“I would not hesitate to recommend Chase The Vision to any bride – they were one of the best vendors we hired for our wedding! Guys- thank you again for everything!!! Lots of Love!”

We are so thankful for meeting Paul. His expertise, kindness, and attention to detail that allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day to the fullest!

“My family, friends, and bridal party could not stop raving about their hard work. From connecting us to all the right vendors and passing on a preferred vendor discounts to us, we were able to have an amazing team behind us on our big day.”

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!